For me and you

Together we’ll rule our world
Together we’ll rule theirs too
Lightning and thunder collide
At the edge of the world
For me and you

(с) Brennan



The time

I wanna run away from these days without you. I wanna jump over these days and to land in your arms. I try to create the way when I feel time go fast, but except to fall into a coma, I have found nothing better.
But I know. However I move, however I try accelerate the time – it never works. The time is just always moving by own speed. And this silent..this ignore from the time to my tries.. bring me the feeling that now the time is rule. Not me. Now it’s the time of the time. Not of us.
And this ignore brings me an answer.. whatever you do, however you move and suffer.. how strong you think about just real hug again.. it not works.. it doesn’t change anything..
It will take as much time as shall pass.
And this ignore and silent are show me the the best way.
Just wait.

It comes. In any way.



You’re an incredibly wonderful girl. I fully trust my heart to you. For centuries. You’re really the only person in my life to whom I feel very strong feelings, the most real, pure, and I want to take care of them every day. I can not imagine a day when I would not tell you that I love you. I want you to hear these words from my mouth always.

Let somebody think about us that we are crazy, let them have no belief in us, let them be against, let them think as they want. Just let them go fuck with their opinions. We have people around us who are happy for us and wish us luck and happy future. But.. It’s no matter.. I don’t need to know what people think. I just want to make you happy. I just want to be with you. And stay forever. Like the tatoo on our hands. Like the feelings in my heart. Forever. And more.

Thank you for everything, my love. You globally changed my life and took off all the masks, with you I can be myself and not pretend to be someone else. I trust you, I believe in you, I believe in us and in our future. I’m happy. I am happy with you. And for my happiness I don’t need so much … Only just you would be happy with me.

Ich liebe dich.